How to enable hidden admin account in Windows 8

The recent version of Windows that is Windows 8 is packed with lots of features and functions. If you have started using the OS, you would be confused and would like to know that there is no Administrator account associated with the OS. Dont you? Actually by default it has been disabled. Though it will not create any problem but if it gets enabled, it will serve you with many purposes.

If it is hidden by default then it is likely that it is not recommended to enable it again but if you want to unleash all the features then Trust me it will not harm your computer if you enable it again. If it would be harming your computer, then developer would not have added the option for enabling it.

As I said that there are many purposes for which it can be used but the key feature for which you can use it is that it will act as a fallback account in case you cant log in to a regular user account, or for tasks that require administrative privileges.

Thus when you will check out the list of the users accounts that are listed in control panel, you will find that the admin account is not listed there and even the guest account is hidden. So follow the steps given below to enable admin account in Windows 8:

  1. Press the Windows key to get into the Metro interface if you are not already there.
  2. Enter cmd and right-click on the Command Prompt result that should appear.
  3. This opens a list of options at the bottom. Select Run as administrator there.
  4. Accept the UAC prompt.
  5. Now enter the following command in the command prompt: net user administrator /active:yes

Once the steps are done, you will find that the admin account has been enabled. Anyhow if you want to disable it you can follow the same steps again and in the last command, instead of yes, you have to enter no. So to check if it is enabled or not In the control panel you will now find that the admin account is listed and has no password but I recommend you to set one for security reasons.

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