Fix: Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes (Windows 7)

I am sure that there are lots of Windows users who come across the same problem that I found yesterday on my computer. Though the issue wasnt very big but still I dont want my computer to function strangely because it may have bad impacts for the user after a period of time.

So elaborating the issue, yesterday when I was about to turn off my laptop, the system almost started to download various updates on my laptop, thus I waited for a period of time to get it installed on the system. The reason was that from the date when I purchased my new laptop (4 months ago) I havent turned it off (Yes, silly me).

So the system prompted me that there are around 150 important and optional updates. So when it started installing updates, unexpectedly there was a message showing “failure configuring windows updates reverting changes”. I did almost all possible steps for restarting the system. Further the machine also asked me “do not turn off your computer” to booting to Safemode.

So I would like to share the steps that I followed at that time.

  1. Restart your PC/laptop.
  2. Keep tapping F8 as soon as see the initialization screen.
  3. Choose Safemode.
  4. Once Safemode is fully loaded, hit Start > type “cmd”.
  5. Right click on cmd and chose Run as Administrator.
  6. On the Command Prompt screen type sfc /scannow.
  7. When its done, type chkdsk /f/r.
  8. Restart the PC/laptop and boot to Windows as normal.

I hope these steps will definitely help you to get rid of from that message so that you can make your system start functioning again. Hit like if it helps you and recommend others as well.

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