How to Use Old Software on a New Windows Operating System

Consumers who finally bite the bullet to purchase a new computer or decide to upgrade the operating system on an old computer are often amazed at the technological leaps and bounds made since the last computer purchase or upgrade.

More than just hard drives with more gigabyte space, PC users have watched as Windows technology has changed from Windows Vista, 7, 8 and as of this writing the latest Windows operating system Windows 10. The level of sophistication and improved bells and whistles are great as long as the software works seamlessly with the new upgraded operating system

Handling Software Glitches with Windows 10

Computer users who wish to use older software with the new Windows 10 Home edition operating system may find some incompatibility issues. Windows 10 planned for such incompatibility in the form of the Program Compatibility Wizard. The Windows 10 Program Compatibility Wizard allows computer users to; in essence, selectively roll the operating system back for particular software programs that are not compatible with the new operating system.

compatibility problems

The Wizard is accessible through the Control Panel. All one has to do is go to the “Start” menu and click on the “Control Panel” menu item. Once in the Control Panel, click on the “Programs” link. This will invoke another window that contains a “Programs and Features” link. Beneath “Programs and Features” is a link for the Compatibility Wizard.

The link is intuitively called “Use an older program with this version of Windows.” This link will bring the computer user to the Program Compatibility Wizard which enables the user to “roll the operating system” back to the last known compatible operating system for the affected software.

Note: The Compatibility Wizard works best when signed on with administrative privileges

Software Compatibility Upgrades

Some software manufacturers understand that their software was originally created to run on older versions of Windows. When Microsoft came out with Windows 10, many of the software manufacturers created free patches that allow users to continue to use the older software with the new operating system.

Purchasing New Software

There are occasions when the above two options won’t work. Sometimes the software is entirely too old, or the software manufacturer is no longer in business. In such cases, the user has no other alternative than to purchase either the latest software or find an alternative program.

A Computer Word of Advice

When estimating the cost of a new computer or an operating system upgrade, take an inventory of the existing computer’s software. Visit each software manufacturer’s website to see if the software is compatible with the new operating system.

If not, find out how the manufacturer responds to the incompatibility; whether there is a free patch or a purchasable upgrade. Taking the time to inventory the software helps to calculate the true cost of the new computer or operating system upgrade.

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