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Most interesting remote desktop apps for windows 8

One of the interesting aspects of Windows 8 is that it simply bridges the gap found in between the touch screen interface and the business productivity systems. The windows 8 OS is competent to run on both the interfaces including the modern touch screen interface usually common in mobile devices along with the older traditional non touch interfaces. The remote desktop application always help in logging over your computer or mobile devices like tablets to access any of your faraway PC giving an experience of working with it by physically present over there. Now, let’s check some of the most interesting remote desktop applications for the brand new OS – the windows 8 in the following paragraphs.

Remote Desktop

This is among the best remote desktop applications meant for windows 8 based tablets or other computing devices. It gives you complete windows desktop even over the Windows RT version and to tablets having the basic touch interfaces. This application has incredible power thanks to the presence of RemoteFX technologies and RDP protocol along with new touch keyboard, Zoom and Touch Pointer features, which gives all together a new experience, which is simply difficult to achieve via RDP clients found over the Android and iOS based tablets. Remote Desktop allows you to see your top five recent connections along with allowing you to have a look at the published resources in the form of modern style tiles. You have the option of switching, copying and pasting between the various RDC sessions along with connecting to multiple remote desktops and working effectively with the snap features found in Windows 8. You can also use this application to connect to your corporate computer without even establishing the VPN connection.


This is one of the initial RT applications to join the bandwagon of Windows 8, which was introduced last year. It is among the fastest solutions for your desktop sharing tasks and file transfer things, which are carried out behind the firewall. The controls found over TeamViewer are hassle free wherein you can connect with any computing device through your PC. Once you pass through your authentication steps, you are free to share different presentations, files and could even carry out your online meetings. It also helps in carrying out a number of multitasking during the remote access. This RT application comes for free for individual users, which could be downloaded from its official site.


This is among the popular RT applications, which can help in dealing with a number of operating systems. In order to use this RT application over Windows 8, you are first supposed to download it on two of your computing devices followed by registering for the same. You could find several options to minimize and control the screen and host PC muting task. If you upgrade Splashtop to the recent version, it can block the users to see what you are doing at your end.

PC Monitor

If you are keen to think of using something beyond the one to one experience of remote desktop and controlling the multiple computing devices, the PC monitor could be a worthy RT application to download. It comes for free for people who want to use it for non commercial purposes and it updates up to three different computers. It helps in checking who has logged inside the computers along with seeing and killing different procedures get granular detail over PC information regarding memory usage and operating temperature along with running the scheduled tasks

Final word

The remote desktop applications help you in connecting with the remote computer devices along with allowing you to work with its resources. These help in enjoying better and rich kind of interactivity. The above list of RT applications for Windows 8 could help in carrying out all these things with ease.

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