Monday, 22 April 2013

Tip to disable notifications with beep sound on Facebook

Notifications are really helpful to notify us about some important actions and events. This helps us to review them instantly. But anyhow if there are too many notification pop ups come up then it might become very irritating for us. It happens with me also. Previously my phone used to get busted with notifications because of applications such as BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Thus I have decided to only use the LED backlight for notifications not the sound notifications.

 But today by chance while surfing on Facebook I went online and my friends pinged me so badly that I had to went offline immediately. At such instance I remembered the way of disabling the beep sound of Facebook message notifications. After disabling it only a small box pops up at the bottom right corner, not the beep sound. 

If you are like me who gets irritated with such sounds while using your computer, then you can disable it too. It can be done by editing your account settings. You have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to be followed:

·         Click on the gear icon on the top right corner and click account settings.

·         After this click on the Notifications option on the left side

·         In the section How you get Notifications (On Facebook), uncheck the option of “Play a sound when each new notification is received”.

·         And then click on save to apply changes.

After saving these settings, whenever you will get a new chat notification, you will not hear any beep sound. Only it will be displayed in the lower left corner. This would help you to keep your focus on your work without any distraction.

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