Saturday, 20 April 2013

How to identify if an account/image on Facebook is fake?

As we all know that Facebook is the most used social networking website on the internet today. I have already posted a lot of articles that relates to social networking. There are billions of users round the globe who are using Facebook. However you would find it hard to believe that more than 85 million profiles on Facebook are fake. Most of these fake profiles are either of famous people or of  the infamous “girlfriends for hire” society. Thus before adding that person in your friend list you would like to know if the profile is genuine or fake. In order to do so, you could take a day off from your work and can copy the images to Google images to ensure if the profiles and images are genuine or not.

Instead of using the above process, you could directly use the tool known as a FB checker to differentiate the genuine ones from the fake ones. All you need is to install this tool on your system and then log in with your FB credentials. Once logged in, start going through different profiles on Facebook. All the profiles that you will visit, will get loaded automatically within the FB checker window. You can easily switch from one profile to another at the same instance. If any anyhow you find something suspicious, then start looking into the images, you will see that the tool auto loads all the available images so that you can easily view them.

Once you view all the images, you will be having a collection of lots of images, so now you have to select the images that you want to test. In order to get fruitful results, it's better you don’t select any irrelevant images such as flowers, monochromes etc. Try selecting the images that belongs to the owner or in which the owner is tagged in.

The process will take some time to fetch the best possible results. The time it will take will depend on the number of images being tested. All the results will be displayed in a new pop up window with a detailed info of the analysis.

All the images that are fake will be displayed accompanying with a few links on the right side to show the original location of those images. This tool also allows you to share the generated data on your wall or in your comments to make your friends aware of the fakes of profile/images.

However the tool is in its beta version thus it only allows you to a limited no. of profiles per day that would be sufficient for you. Moreover if you want to analyze more profiles, then you can send a request to do so from the settings option. The tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


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  1. Thanks, for sharing idea, Now i can safe for Facebook

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  2. Nice and informative post. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I really appreciate you.

  3. For a regular Facebook user like me this information is a sign of relief. yes it seems very reasonable and i will give it a try. thank you admin.

  4. I have shared the download link on my wall and the response is just superb.

  5. I was in Search of such material to safe myself from Facebook user spam. with this information now i would be able to sign in without having worried regarding the fakers.

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  7. Every day people are fooled and harrased by such fake images and fake accounts. it is quite wonderful to know that there is some thing to get rid of those fake Facebook users, I am thankfull to you for such an amazing Software and the Tips.....

  8. For a regular Facebook user this information is a sign of relief.

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