Saturday, 9 February 2013

Use your USB drive to Login to into your computer (Windows)

Using passwords is the best method to protect your system from unauthorized access. We all use different methods to protect our system. Some may use a PIN, a Password, a finger gesture or something else. Using these methods really helps a lot.

However, as per some previous results it was found that though using passwords on your system is good but users have encountered some issues that may be because of using a weak Password or if you use a strong password on your system, it is possible that it would be very hard to remember it.

Today I will be sharing a tip here that adds a strong sense of security on your system and very easy to handle. A tool known as Rohos Logon Key helps a user to create a USB login key that allows you to login to your system that too without entering any password/PIN.

This tool turns your USB drive into a login card for your machine. That is if you will insert this USB in to your system, you will automatically get logged in to your system without using any PIN, Gesture or Password.
The main advantage of this tip is that you don’t require remembering your passwords anymore and the burden to create passwords stronger is now over.  The password stored in the USB drive is also encrypted and can’t be read by anyone. The only disadvantage is that you need to protect this USB now.

Using this tool is very easy and can be used on all versions of Windows including Windows 8. The app is free to use and a premium version is also available.


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