Thursday, 14 February 2013

Smart Fingertips revealed

Though this topic is a bit away from our usual dedicated topics of computers but while surfing internet I found this topic worth sharing with our readers. Moreover since it is related to technology and Go Tech Tips is a technology blog, I don’t feel any harm in sharing it.

Recently a group of researchers have revealed a new technological finger tip that can give the surgeons a “Super sense” of transmission of electrical signals to the skin. They have named it as 'smart fingertips'. With its introduction it is expected that soon there would be a dramatic change in the way surgeries have been carried out and it could even change the way we play computer games.

These fingers can be molded to the hands of the User and has the potential to transmit electrical signals to the skin. The team behind its making hopes that one day they will incorporate the devices into a smart glove that will create virtual sensations, fooling the brain into feeling everything from texture to temperature.

With this a surgeon may use that glove for medical procedures and operations that include local ablations and ultrasound scans. Moreover it would not be wrong to say that this new technology has paved the way for the development of surgical robots that can interact, in a soft contacting mode, with their surroundings through touch.

The circuit on the “molded skin” as shown in the image above made up of patterns of gold conductive lines and ultra-thin sheets of silicon, integrated onto polyimide. The sheet is then etched into open-mesh geometry and transferred to a thin sheet of silicone rubber which is molded into the precise shape of a finger.

What do you think that will we all get totally dependent on the technology for all our needs? Leave your comments below.

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