Saturday, 2 February 2013

How to send WebPages/Links from Chrome to Android Phone

I consider that surfing internet is my hobby. Internet is a medium with which we used to get a lot of information regarding anything. It helps enhancing our knowledge and enlarging our horizons. Isn’t it? But it is hardly possible for everyone to sit on a chair in front of your computer to surf internet.

With the help of a Smartphone you could do so but you cannot remember each and every link every time. The only choice you are left with is to again search it on Google and find the specified link. Isn’t all this a mess and a waste of time? Anyhow if you find some information of your computer system that you would like to read afterwards or on the go, you could do so.

A useful chrome extension is available that can not only send the webpages to your phone but also the links from the web. The extension is known as Google Chrome to Phone. With this extension you can push links, maps, and currently selected text and phone numbers to your Android device instantly.

To make use of this extension, you need to install the extension for chrome browser on your desktop and an application of browser on your android device. Once you install both the clients, you will be required to sign-in on both the devices with the same account to get synchronized.

After this whenever you come across any information on your laptop/computer and you want it to read it on your handheld device, you will be required to click on “Send to phone” option and you will see the same info on your phone instantly. So start using it now.


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