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Best way to configure windows server as NTP server

Before you go to configure windows server as an NTP server, you should know the real meaning of the NTP server. Actually, the main function of the NTP server is to synchronize time through the network time protocol. Moreover, it is used for time server all over the world. Even, you can synchronize the time setting through your computer. Moreover, it will give you the absolutely accurate time. 

One interesting point to observe that it is sometimes called the atomic time synchronization. Technically speaking, the NTP server works through the application layer under the internet protocol suites. It is true that if you like to get the most accurate time, then you can go for the UNIX system. But in Microsoft Windows, the system will not guarantee you to get the accurate more than 2 seconds through their implementation. If you like to get the precise accuracy of the clock setting, then you have to use the different NTP implementation. Since, the NTP uses the clock strata through hierarchical semi-layered system. 


Basically, Microsoft Windows NT 4 does not support for the NTP server. But in the later versions like Windows 2000 and Windows XP supports the NTP server. In these versions of Windows , you will get the Windows Time Service (w32time.exe), you can configure the NTP server accordingly. Even, the latest Windows versions like Windows Vista and Windows 7 are packed with the full NTP compliant. 


Moreover, you will need the Active Directory for configuring the Windows server into an NTP server. But in reality, when you will not get to build the Active Directory automatically, then you have to build it manually. So you have to tweak the Windows Registry. If you are not comfortable with the Windows Registry tweaking, then it is better to take the help from the Network professional who will configure for you. When you are in the Windows Registry, then you will have to search the Windows time service in the Windows service list as well. When you will use the Windows Server 2008, you should find out the w32times.exe from it. So in this regard, you have to tweak some Windows registry values HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM Current Control Set Services W32Time. 

Again, you have to set the Windows server to NTP by tweaking the registry like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM Current Control Set Services W32Time Parameters Type. Now, since you have to enable the NTP server for working, so you have to set the Windows registry value to 1 through the registry string like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM Current Control Set Services W32Time Time Providers Ntp Server. Beside these configurations, you also will have to tweak the Windows registry for time settings, poll interval and time sources. After you do all required Windows Registry tweaks, now you have to restart the Windows Time Service. 

You should also know that the NTP operates through the UDP protocol through the TCP/IP. So if there is a problem in the TCP/IP or UDP protocol settings, then you will not able to get the NTP server for working as well. 

Therefore, always remember that you have to use the Windows Registry for configuring a Windows server as an NTP server. Moreover, it will depend on your knowledge or conception about the network protocol of the Windows system.

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