Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Recover your deleted WhatsApp messages

There are many applications to chat with your contacts on Android and iPhone but after being using Android devices for three years, it would not wrong for me to say that WhatsApp is one of the best applications that I have come across till now. Using internet connection you can chat with any of your friends on your phone that too free of cost (other than the one you spent for internet).

Recently I have restored my device to defaults; I noticed that all my previous chat messages have been deleted. You would probably know that WhatsApp by default creates a backup of your chats at a scheduled time but that feature also proven useless for me as it was unable to restore my previous chats.

This could be because of some error or anything else. While searching a solution for this issue, I have come across an online application that helped me a lot. Thus it would be worthy to share it on this blog. The application is known as Recover Messages that allows you to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages on your iPhone and Android device. In other words you can say that it serves as a Forensic tool for your device.

The only thing you need to use this application is your WhatsApp database file (.sqlite or .db.crypt) from your device. Transfer it to your desktop and then visit the homepage of Recover Messages application. Select the above said file (don’t forget to Accept the terms of use) and click “Scan”.

How to locate the WhatsApp database file on your device

In case you can’t locate the database file on your device, you can find it in this way:

Android: Go to /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt and copy the file to your PC.

iOS: Go to net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite (You can use an iPhone backup tools like i-Twin or iPhone Backup Extractor to get the .sqlite file).

You can also enjoy some special features of this online tool by creating a Personal user account. For more info visit this link.

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  1. this is a beneficial tool as opposed to the fact that all the chat history got deleted once the handsets factory settings have been restored to the basic format.internet
    whatsapp definitely has solved the problem of the masses by reducing their phone bills massively.

  2. How can I copy the WhatsApp database file from my I phone5.I saw above message but it is confusing can somebody tell me step by step please.

  3. ifyou need decryptthese files, contact me on

  4. wheres the link to this website!?

  5. The link is mentioned within the post only. you could find the link in "Recover Messages" highlighted with a different color above the section: How to locate the WhatsApp database file on your device.

  6. How do you open a media file on the website?

    1. I didn't get you? Are you asking for the above mentioned file or you asking it in general?

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  8. how can i process the raw data, i need to view the text

  9. what software do i need to use so i could read the raw data file?

  10. HELP. my kids deleted some info on whats app that dates back to beginning of may 2013, I have spent many hours and chatting to people who say it cannot be done, I have managed to recover the last 7 days data and on the phones memory some that were not deleted are still on whats app. can anyone offer suggestions if I can recover whats app chats from beginning which is January 2013.