Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Use Google Maps in Offline mode (Android)

Though with the introduction of Nokia Maps on Windows Phone, it is considered one of the best geographical and navigational supports, but I still strongly support Android’s navigational support to be a better option.

While going somewhere alone, I usually depend on my Android phone’s navigational support. The other day I was driving and suddenly I lost data connectivity. However being on a 3 G network, the application already loaded almost the surrounding maps within the range of 10 miles and it helped me a lot (lucky Me).

But what if you are in a similar case but being not in range of your network, your navigation direction does not get loaded? Or you don’t have access to any data services when you are out, then what will you do? To prevent such mishaps Google provides a simple solution that caches your maps so that you can use them even being offline.

The only thing you need to do is you have to find your location and your destination when you have access to internet (Wi-Fi preferably for faster loading). Once you find your way, you have to tap on options and select the option “Make available offline”. That’s it.

However there are certain limitations, it caches only an area within a diameter of 10 miles from your current position. Moreover it will not allow you to zoom in as much as you would when using the maps online. But still I feel something is better than nothing.

Note: Saved maps are stored in ‘My Places’, under the ‘offline’ tab.


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