Friday, 25 January 2013

Use face wash to clean your Timeline before getting chosen for Facebook Graph search

Yesterday we have mentioned about the upcoming search interface of Facebook, Facebook Graph Search. With this search a user can find anything that he has shared with him and others. In brief you can say that the data present in your Facebook timeline becomes more searchable than before.

In that case I am sure that you don’t want your name to be flashing in any stupid search results. Isn’t it? You might want to clean those uncomfortable things from your timeline that make you look like an idiot especially if you are worried that what someone out there would might find about you.

However it would be a tedious task to go through all those comments, images, videos etc that you have posted previously to find out those foolish and pointless things that can make you feel uncomfortable. But still there is an application that may help you in this regard.

Facewash, a Facebook application scans whole of your timeline to find out such dirty and filthy material, forgotten likes and other stuff. The app has a precompiled list of keywords that can be altered, the app search on the basis of these keywords and shows you the results there while.

You can add on your own keywords in the apps that may help you to accomplish a detailed search. After the scanning process, you can click on the links provided by the p and delete anything as per your desire. You can also increase the level of privacy to be secure.


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