Thursday, 24 January 2013

Facebook Graph Search is going to make you look like an idiot

Though I am little late to post this but this is really a hilarious topic to talk about. Facebook Graph Search, a new way of searching has been introduced by Facebook. As of now this search is still in its beta but many users of Facebook are waiting to try it out in their profiles.

This search is available on Facebook but it is available for a select group of people. Moreover this Search feature is quite easy to use. The user can use their native language instead of using any specified keyword for Search. This Graph search will quickly search for any information regarding people, photographs, places and interests within their social connections.

 Many readers might think that Facebook has taken forward a new step in order to compete with Google but in reality Mark Zuckerberg has added this feature which is not a web search and unlike Google it will search for the information that would give you results based on what your connections on Facebook have shared.

Now the big question among the users is that When will the users actually be able to use Facebook’s Graph Search feature? Well Facebook has not provided any time frame that when this feature will be live for all the users but you can sign up for this feature from the link given below so that when they will find users to enlarge the group of people using it, you will be the first to be chosen in that.

Overall you will find this feature good but I can say that after viewing the above images you will think that it will be really funny to use this feature.


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