Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to solve Windows-Delayed Write Failed Error

Recently a strange issue came in front of me that states that whenever a user tries to save any data on hard disk, a message in error pops up showing that “Windows Delayed Write Failed”. Usually this problem is rarely reported by the users even it does not occur if the hard disk is quite old of have any problems. It can only occur if you are transferring a high volume of data and your hard drive is unable to bind the data.

If you are one of the victims of the same problem in Windows operating system, then you can follow the steps given below to fix this problem.

·         First of all you need to kill all the processes that are running on your system. though sometimes I have experienced that the task manager makes it tedious to kill all the processes, in that case you can use Command prompt for this.

Go to Run -> cmd -> type tasklist. This will give all the tasks running in the background. Now type taskkill /im XXXX /f (where XXXX is the process number).

You are required to kill some unknown tasks such as WKocfFMPaI.exe etc.

·         For instance you want to terminate the process 2664, then typing taskkill /im 1234 /f will terminate the process.

·         Then you have to make certain changes in the registry files. So go to the registry editor, Go to Run -> regedit

·         Find the location of this file HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Run

·         Here you will find the unknown files as mentioned above. You need to delete that file and exit the registry editor.

·         Restart your PC to bring the actions in force.

After this when you will try to transfer any data to your hard disk, you will not find any type of the error message as showing previously.

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