Sunday, 9 December 2012

Use any image as a folder icon in Mac

We all love customizing our devices so that they look elegant and better. A customized device shows its user’s way of using the device. Recently I have an application for Mac that will help you to replace folder icon that will add a personal touch to your custom folders.

The application is known as Plaster that allows you to set any image of your choice as a folder icon. With this customization, you can easily identify a folder not only by its name but by its image as well. Moreover when you will customize a folder using this application, you will be shown a regular icon in spotlight search result but if you will preview it in spotlight, you will be shown the image that you have set during the modification.

The main thing associated with this application is that you just need to drag and drop the image you want to use as a folder’s icon in to the app window followed by the folder itself. However if there is an image present in the folder, then also this app will auto detect that image to add it to your folder icon. Moreover if the folder consists of many images then it provides an option of “Try again”, so that you can find an image of your choice.

It should be noted that the images that you want to choose, should be present in the root folder not in any sub folder. If you want to remove any image from the folder, all you need is to drag the folder again in the application and it will prompt you with “Remove” option.

After reviewing everything we could say that the execution of this application is very easy and the interface is very easy to use. the only drawback with this modification is that a user may make a mistake in identification of an image or a folder because after customization the folder does not look like a folder.


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