Friday, 28 December 2012

An unofficial way of using Google Drive on Linux

With the introduction of Cloud computing the users have started saving there confidential and important data online so that in case of system crash they can procure all their important files instantly. Google at the time of announcement of Google drive promised support for Linux on priority basis. But still they haven’t released such support for Linux.

If you are a Linux user and want to use Google Drive on Linux then I can let you know a simple way with which you can grab Google drive on your Linux. Though it is an unofficial way but it is better than nothing if you are waiting for an official solution.

A Google Drive synchronization tool that supports Linux, Windows, and Mac is known as Insync. It has several features that are currently unavailable in the official Google Drive client. For instance it allows downloading Google Docs documents in Open Document format for offline use.

The beta version of this tool is available for free but it will become a paid service when it’s out of beta. The paid version includes many features that are not present in official client. Insync adds itself to your panel and automatically keeps your Google Drive files in sync. 

You can get this tool from the Insync website. Moreover if you want to stop using this tool you can revoke its access to your Google account any time from the Connected Sites, Apps, and Services page on the Google website.

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