Monday, 17 September 2012

Why does “Your Dropbox Password has expired” message appears?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows its users to store files and documents so that you could easily share your files. If you want to know the benefits of cloud storage then I would suggest you to read the post: What is cloud computing? Since I am a tech support guy I used to install all the experimental builds to check out the new features.

Frankly if I tell you, then it is a truth that I don’t use any of the cloud storage services because I don’t have that much data that has to be kept secured. But I always install the new builds to check out the features.
So the previous day when I was installing the latest experimental build of Dropbox and tried to sign in to the service, I was amazed by the message that appeared. The message said: “Your password has expired. We sent you an email with further instructions or you can create a new password at”.

What actually happens is that Dropbox asks its users to create new passwords, if you haven’t changed for some time.

The moment I entered my login details during the setup and received the above message, I have got a new mail from the server with subject “please update your expired dropbox password”.

Hi Kartik,
We noticed that you recently tried to log in to Dropbox with a password that you haven’t changed in a while. Your old password has expired and you’ll need to create a new one to log in.
Please visit this page to update your password:

The link that you will receive in your mail would be: where you will be asked to enter your E-mail to change your password.

Now you would be eager to know that why does the server terminated the validity of your password? So the answer for this question is Here. You will be get to know from this link that what was the reason behind resetting my password. As you all know that most of the servers deactivate those accounts while no longer in force since 3 months but here is a different criterion.

Dropbox answers that:

“We sometimes expire passwords as a proactive security measure. For example, we reset passwords that haven’t been changed in a while. You’ll need to update your password before linking a new computer, phone, tablet, or API app.”

If you need to change your password, you have to go through a 2 step verification process. I have especially written this post because I have found that many of the Dropbox users reported that Dropbox also expired some of the passwords of accounts which were inactive just from a week.
Now I would like you to discuss on the topic that if this is correct to change the password without any notification or not. Do leave your comments.


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