Thursday, 2 August 2012

How to reduce internet data usage on your Computer and Android Device

There are many users who don’t have access to unlimited internet bandwidth. Thus they need to check out everything before using internet. For example I have a Wi-Fi internet in my home but when I have to travel somewhere, I am totally dependent on an internet dongle. I used to recharge it with a limited usage plan and then I have to track my usage. I don’t spend much time on Facebook and other social networks.

Through this post I also want to tell you that in actual whenever we access any webpage it is the advertisements and animationson that page which utilizes much of your bandwidth. The content on a webpage does not use much of your internet data. Thus today I would like to share with you that how actually I manage everything whenever I am using a limited data usage plan.

During that time I use “TextOnly”, which is an online service that removes all the unwanted stuff such as advertisements, animations and images from a webpage and shows you only the content that is available as text on a webpage. This helps you to reduce your data usage by 80-90%. Not only it reduces your internet usage, it is also useful for those users who are having a low internet connection.

In the screenshot above you can see that the list of articles of my website is provided on the right side pane. And you can click any of the articles that you want to read. Also I would like to mention here that while entering the address of the website, don’t hit enter, you have to click on “Go” separately, otherwise you won’t be directed to the exact website.

This service is also available for android platforms. It is available as an android app for TextOnly. I can understand that while using internet on phone it is very difficult to manage everything and the carrier charges for GPRS and 3G are really very high. The service will show you the text content of the webpage only.

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  1. Limited data plans are real trouble when you are browsing the internet. Heavy content websites are all over the web and i don't know if people will like the sites without contents like images and video clips! Even though your idea is right and can be adopted in hour of need but paying a little more money is not that bad I believe. Use a unlocked device with low data plans and high data usability. Visit site for unlocked dongles.