Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Turn your Ubuntu Laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot

I always try to get my readers the best tricks and tips related to the tech gadgets which are very useful in day to day functioning. Previously in How to transform your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspotI have discussed that how to turn your Windows laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot, so that you can share your internet connection.

Today I am going to discuss a way with which you will be able to convert your Ubuntu laptop in an ad-hoc wireless network machine. This conversion is very much helpful specially when you are travelling or staying out for holidays. It happens sometimes that you don’t have a dongle or your dongle is unable to connect and the person sitting beside you have a wired internet connection, so you can easily share his internet connection.

So to start the conversion process, click the gear icon on the panel and select System Settings. Click on the Network control panel in Ubuntu’s System Settings window. Though you have an option set up a wireless hotspot by clicking the network menu and selecting Edit Network Connections, but this could be really more complicated to work with.

If you want to create a hotspot, you have to change your connection type to wired because if you leave it to wireless, then it will get disconnected as you cannot create a hotspot with another Wi-Fi router. After that click on the Wireless network option and click the Use as Hotspot button at the bottom of the window.

The window will prompt you to create a hotspot. When you will click on it you will see a notification stating that your laptop’s wireless radio is now being used as an ad-hoc access point. You can stop it or disconnect it whenever you require. Using options you can add a name and a key for privacy and security reasons also.

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