Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Reset the password key of your Wi-Fi easily

We all are humans and it is the tendency of each one of us that we often forget many things as we don’t have such sharp memory that we can remember everything. Same goes with our passwords. We have been registered on many websites thus it is really hard to remember all of your passwords. That is why almost all websites provides an option to recover your password.

But what if you forget the password of your Wi-Fi router? This could be really very unfortunate but give it a thought that what will you do if you don’t have the password of the router and you have some urgent work to do. So to rescue such situation, Gotechtips is going to provide you a detailed method to recover the password of your Wi-Fi router.

So the first step involved in the procedure is to check out the brand of Router that you are using. Actually the steps in all cases are similar but the details vary from brand to brand, thus you need to know the brand of your router. Once you get to know the brand of your router, the second step is to check out the URL and admin login information for the router on internet if possible.

Then you are required to log in to your router so you can access the password information. So for that open any web browser and enter the exact URL depending upon the brand of the router. The most common URLs these days are and In my case it was the first one and my username and password was admin for both entries. It could also be 1234 or so, for that you have to search the details on internet only.

Once you get logged in perfectly, you can easily change the password of your router. You can see that a previous password is already there; you can either edit it or can create a new one. As shown in the screenshot above. You can even change the username as well. You can give any special characters to your password also. Once you decide the password, click save and close the window.

Even if you are unable to use the above method then you are only left with the “Reset” button. Find a reset button on your router and press it. It will bring your router to default settings.

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